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How It Works


Step 1: Get In Touch

First, we identify if you need our help. If you don’t, we’ll send you on your way.


Step 2: Jump On A Quick Call

We’ll hop on a call to make sure we understand your business & get some info so we can begin our work.


Step 3: Initiate SEO Campaigns

With very little time or input from you, we’ll blow up your sales by doing fancy things online that would bore you.


Step 4: Ongoing Maintenance

We don’t set it and forget it…we take care of your business right. Our detailed monthly plan gets you to the top of google and keeps you there.


Step 5: Monthly Reporting

Our job is to Bring Money into your Bank Account. Through your perfectly optimized web presence, you’ll get more business & $$$.


Step 6: Business Success

We do all the work so you can go have fun. Take a break from it all and take your family on vacation.

Who Uses Solar Marketer ?

Our work is proven to bring in more high paying clients than expensive lead generation companies.

How do we Help?

Scale your Business to 7 or 8 Figures – these are real clients!

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Episode #1

How military training helped prepare Marcus.

Content Creation

How much?

How much Content Creation will you do every month?

Measuring Success

Best SEO Tactic

What’s the primary SEO tactic you use.

Strategy Session

Let’s see if we can help

Strategy session with Solar Marketer.

Time Needed

It’s not a lot

How much of MY time is it going to take?



How do you do Client Reporting?

The Book

What’s inside

What’s inside The Solar Marketer.

How not to…

Don’t do this

How NOT to grow your Solar Installer business.

How we Help

A quick overview

Know what your Competition’s up to.

Key Element

Rick says it’s about this:

The one Key Element for Solar Sales.

Sneak Peak

Little excerpt

Inside scoop on the Solar Marketer.

Watch This

Get started easy

Watch this Presentation on Local SEO.

Content Creation

Do I have to do it?

Will I have to Create Content?

Measure Success

Think about this one.

How do you measure Success?

Ranking Solar

Google Biz Profile Basics.

It’s where the best leads come from.

Our SEO & Google Business Profile Campaigns Bring in More & Better Customers than Expensive Lead Generation Platforms

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