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What You'll Learn in this Book

The Solar Marketer is jam packed with 121 pages of no-fluff, actionable content

How to optimize your website so people looking for you can actually find you - and then ultimately buy from you.

How to teach Google that you're the Expert in your area so they reward you with a high rank in Google Maps.

How to spy on your competitors and use what they're doing right, to grow your own company. This is easier than you think.

How to build your email list and what you do with it. You need to use it and use it right - if you aren't why do you even have it?

How to approach SEO (search engine optimization) so google doesn't de-index you from the Search Results Page.

How to create buzz and word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the savvy use of social so that your customers come looking for you. 

How to increase your authority in your niche and  your local market so people come to you first, not your competitors.  

How to get yourself high in Google Maps (the sweet spot that brings in tons of leads). If you aren't in the "map pack" you aren't in The Map. 

How to create & run your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. These need to be created, monitored, tested and then continually refined. 

How to track the results from your marketing efforts, so you know what's working and what isn't. Doing this analysis is essential.


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Yes! Send me the Book ASAP!

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The Solar Marketer book has been handcrafted by Mark Lamberth and his first-hand experience in mastering the algorithm. With easy-to-follow steps and instructions, and a wealth of accessible advice, this book will skyrocket your sales. This is a step-by-step guide for getting massive ROI.

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Together we are stronger! Join our friendly Facebook community of solar installers. You'll be able to give and receive advice from experts in your field, network with other solar entrepreneurs and ask us questions directly. We share secrets and tips to help you maximize your sales and overall success.


We'll also provide you with the digital download after checkout

Scale to 7 figures with Email Marketing:


Why Solar Installers NEED to focus on Local SEO:

Meet the Author - Mark Lamberth

Mark is co-founder and CEO of Solar Marketer. When he's not running Solar campaigns, he's seeking adventure at the end of a fly rod..

Mark drives everything that is Solar Marketer. He’s been an entrepreneur his whole life and loves business, design & digital marketing.

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