Powerful Solar Company Names Selecting an appropriate name for your solar company

A strong solar brand begins with a strong solar name. Use these tips to set your company up for immediate and long-term success.

A look at some numbers supporting solar terminology

Nearly two-thirds of the top 250 residential solar companies in the U.S. include the term "solar" in their name and more than 9 out of 10 have "solar" and/or a solar-related term included. There are only 19 companies that made it into the top 250 without a true solar name. These numbers are too overwhelming to just be a coincidence. A solar name is almost necessary to succeed in this industry.

If we expand beyond the residential market, looking at the top 500 solar installers, which includes many of the major commercial and utility-grade solar contractors, the numbers reduce a bit, but are still in favor of a solar name. Most of those without are established commercial construction companies.

Brand Identity - Company Names with Solar Terms - Top residential solar installers

Naming conventions of top 250 U.S. residential solar installers

Brand Identity - Company Names with Solar Terms - Top 500 solar installers

Naming conventions of top 500 U.S. solar installers (all segments)

How solar companies are named

It's no secret that the majority of solar installation companies started as electricians, roofers, general contractors, or similar business. For most of you with established solar businesses, solar began as an extension of your core business long before it became steady enough to spin off into its own business unit. At that point you probably did one of four things:

  1. Appended something similar to"& Solar" on your current company name, keeping one business unit.
  2. Created a solar variation of your current name by replacing "Electric/Construction/etc." in your core company name with "Solar" or "Energy".
  3. Created a unique name for your solar business.
  4. Made no changes to your name and carried on business as usual.

With solar certainly capable of carrying an entire business on its own, I will argue that only very established brands should choose the first or second option, most companies should choose the third, and no company should choose the fourth.

Value of a solar-focused name

Let's take a look at what a good solar name provides:

  1. Clarity - A solar name quickly declares that solar is a service you provide. There's no confusion on whether solar installation is a service you offer.
  2. Expertise - It instills trust in your customers that you can fulfill their solar needs. Solar is clearly a focus of your business and not a side project.
  3. Searchability - When someone is Googling for solar, they will not be searching for "electrician", "roofer", "HVAC", etc. You will be losing tons of potential business by not being readily visible in "solar" searches.
DIY Action Item

Search Google for your company name. If you aren't showing up first, you have either a name or website problem.

Being the same, yet different

Now here’s the tough part. How do you include “solar” in your name and stand out in a sea of solar companies? Well, you could be like the dozen-plus companies with “California Solar” in their name and not care, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Instead, you need to take some time, do some brainstorming, do some research, and find a good available name that will differentiate you from others. And then, you need to build a complete brand strategy around that name. I'll go over that process in more detail in a future article, but if you need some help in the meantime, we are here for you.

Sources: Names pulled from the SolarPowerWorld.com 2016 Top 500 North American Solar Contractors list and analyzed by Solar Marketer.

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