Introducing Solar Marketer

Solar Marketer is dedicated to providing cutting-edge marketing advice and services to solar companies of all types and sizes. You'll gain insights that have been cultivated from our experiences, observations, conversations, and research within the solar industry.

The origins of Solar Marketer

Some of you may know me from the six-plus years I spent at SolarWorld, the majority of which I served as the company's marketing manager for the Americas. During that time I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of solar installers of all experience levels, from those jumping onto the solar coaster to some of the largest in the country.

I built Solar Marketer to share what I've learned from these companies and combine it with my 15-plus years of marketing for major brands to bring you the most efficient and effective marketing strategies for growing your solar business.

What will Solar Marketer do for you?

From simple marketing advice to execution of multimillion dollar marketing campaigns, Solar Marketer has the knowledge and skillset to perform nearly any marketing activity.  And, while it is officially just me at the moment, I have a long list of contacts and other resources that I've accumulated over my career that I will draw upon to further extend Solar Marketer's content and services.

How to follow Solar Marketer

Out of the gate, in addition to this website, Solar Marketer has a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter page. I'll be posting my insights on all of them, so you can just follow whichever you like. Everything will be tailored directly to the solar industry.

In addition, I do encourage you to sign up for my weekly newsletter, which will provide with early notification of many of the articles.  I'll also be offering the occasional newsletter-only promotions and limited-time offers.

Let's get going

Please begin by reading the other articles I've posted thus far and comment as you please. Most articles include some sort of offer if you are interested in learning more about how Solar Marketer can apply the concepts to your company. As well, if you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to me using the Contact form linked at the top of this site.

I look forward to conversing with you and perhaps working with you some day soon.

David Gillbank, founder of Solar Marketer

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